One-On-One Poetry Workshop


The One-On-One Poetry Workshop is for those who are interested in an in-depth series of email exchanges about their poems with the workshop leader, poet Arthur Vogelsang. Each week for 7 weeks the member submits a different poem which Vogelsang critiques in a 700-750 word email. That week the member responds in an email of that length or less, or may choose not to respond, then in that week Vogelsang responds to the member. After 7 of these exchanges, one per week, in the 8th week the workshop member writes a 700-750-word "conference letter" to Vogelsang, due on Monday of that week, topics initiated by the member, then Vogelsang responds, and finally the member replies, or not. All correspondence must be completed within the 8 weeks.

As the exchanges are done on an individual, private basis and there is no group interaction, all levels of writing are welcome, from beginners to poets with a publishing history and all of those between. Any style or content is considered. While admission is competitive, Vogelsang would like a variety of workshop members, therefore beginning poets are not necessarily competing with all others and are encouraged to apply.


Application to the One-On-One Poetry Workshop is free. Simply submit 3 poems with a brief note about yourself--a professional biography including publications, degrees, and some relevant personal information, if you care to include that. If you are beginning to write poetry, application is by submission of 3 poems with an explanation of why you write, whose poetry you admire, and some relevant personal information if you care to include that. Minimum age requirement is 18. Apply with all material, including the poems, in one email, to: arthurv123@​

The fee for each 8-week workshop session is $1,600. There are three sessions in 2019:

1. February 11 - April 5
2. June 3 - July 26
3. September 30 - November 22

After acceptance to the One-On-One Workshop, the member's first poem for discussion is due in Vogelsang's email box on the Monday of each week's work, (e.g., Monday, February 11, for session 1) and then the week's exchanges follow. The critique appears on Wednesday, the member response on Thursday, Vogelsang's reply to that on Friday. After 7 of these weekly exchanges, in the 8th week the workshop member writes a 700-750 word, or less, "conference letter" to Vogelsang, due on Monday with topics initiated by the member, then Vogelsang responds on Wednesday, and finally the member has an opportunity to respond by Friday.


Session 1. February 11 - April 5
Application period January 8 - 22
Admission decision January 25
Fee check due February 4
Workshop February 11 - April 5

Session 2. June 3 - July 26
Application period April 23 - May 13
Admission decision May 17
Fee check due May 24
Workshop June 3 - July 26

Session 3. September 30 - November 22
Application period September 10 - September 19
Admission decision September 21
Fee check due September 27
Workshop September 30 - November 22


You may apply to more than one session per year but you must observe each application period for each session. You may not use previously submitted poems you showed to apply, or poems critiqued previously, for subsequent applications.

The workshop member's check for the fee of $1,600 is sent to Vogelsang’s mailing address (supplied upon admission) and must arrive by the "Fee check due" date above. Withdrawal may occur after the first week with notice to Vogelsang and no submission of a poem for the second week. A refund of 7/​8 of the fee or $1,400 will be granted. No other refunds are considered, nor are any other forms of payment.

The One-On-One Poetry Workshop is not affiliated with any degree-granting program.

The Workshop leader and the member are expected to treat the email exchanges with complete confidentiality--no blogging, posting, or sharing on social media. Participating members' names will remain confidential.

Enrollment is limited for each Workshop, allowing Vogelsang to devote considerable time to each member.